November 14, 2011

5 Great Green Gifts for Boys

I feel so blessed to have a son and a daughter. It's so fun playing dress-up on one hand and racing cars on the other. This year I wrote the green gift guide for boys for Inhabitat, which I'll be linking to here from Petite Planet when it goes live, but I also wanted to give a shout out to some of the beloved toys we have in our household for Mr. A, in the hopes that your tykes can enjoy them too, perhaps as the perfect holiday gift! Above is the small Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug Tiger. This toy is so beyond adorable, and your tot will love zooming around on it. It's non-toxic and PVC free. Truth be told, Mr. A can't ride his because he doesn't yet have the coordination not to fall off of it... but I know in no time he will be off and roaring around on this sweet tiger.

Plan Toy Solid Wood Drum - makes a lovely two-toned sound. This sweet drum is recommended for ages 19 months+ and I see why, because Mr. A has been using the tip of the mallet as a chew toy. However, when I sit with him, and he knows I am watching him so he doesn't put the mallet in his mouth, he beats the drum with wild abandon and merriment.

Green Toys Blue Race Car is one of many toy cars we have... but what I love about this car as well as the Green Toys tug boat and dump truck below, is that they are all made of 100% recycled milk jugs, and they are free of BPA and phthalates. They are also totally durable and can take the kind of beating only a little boy could dish out to his toys!

I hope your little guys enjoy these toys as much as we do!

Green Toys My First Red Tug Boat

Green Toys Dump Truck

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