November 10, 2011

Amber Baby Teething Necklace from Amber Artisans

As parents, we often stumble upon information we wish we had previously known. Facts that could have really made our lives easier, had we known them at an earlier date! Such is the case for me with amber baby teething necklaces. So I hope you're reading this post at the perfect time to help relieve your teething babes from their painful woes of cutting teeth.

Frankly, as a green parenting writer, I have come across a ton of teethers and teething necklaces and remedies, so I am surprised that amber has only recently crossed my radar. I was at the park with Mr. A, and twin toddlers his age sauntered over to play. They were wearing matching necklaces, and when I asked their mom what they were made of, she explained that they were made of amber, which helps relieve teething pain, and that neither or her tots have ever suffered from teething issues.

I immediately hunted down the best amber baby teething necklace I could find. It's from Amber Artisans in Lithuania (they ship worldwide). Each necklace is handcrafted with Baltic Amber by expert artisans who polish and round every bead to a soft finish. The necklace comes accompanied by  a soft linen satchel to store it. I remove Mr. A's necklace for bathtime and bedtime and nap time, so I tuck it safely in the satchel at those times.

Here's what I learned: amber has a therapeutic, calming effect on wearers. It is especially good for teething babies and tots because it is a homeopathic gem that has anti-inflammatory properties. When the necklace is worn, the skin's warmth releases trace amounts of amber's healing, pain relieving oils, which help babies stay calmer and more relaxed when teething.

Here's more on the fascinating healing powers of amber, from the Amber Artisans website:

"Amber has been used for a variety of medically related reasons such as a natural analgesic, helping to fight inflammation, infections and respiratory disease. When you place the amber necklace next to your baby's warm skin, the amber releases healing oils which are naturally absorbed via the skin into the bloodstream. The powerful oils contain a very special ingredient known as succinic acid. Extensive scientific research bears witness to the fact that succinic acid can do wonders on the human body. For examples, succinic acid stimulates the thyroid glands to help reduce drooling, soothing red and inflamed gums and enhances calmative, analgesic, antispasmodic, expectorant, and febrifuge (anti-fever) functions."

Like I said, I wish I had an amber necklace for Miss O to wear when she was teething, and I wish I had gotten one for Mr. A long ago, as he has nearly all of his teeth now. Both of my kids have had harrowing teething journeys, and I would have loved to try this homeopathic approach from the get-go.

Purchase an amber baby teething necklace here.

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