February 19, 2012

Hip Organic Cotton Clothing from All Good Living Kids

I recently came across a cool eco-conscious clothing label for babies and kids: All Good Living Kids. I love that their collection contains hip, cheeky graphics that are typically hard to find on an organic cotton tee or onesie.

One of my favorites from their collection is the onesie shown above, which also comes in toddler T-shirt sizes. The retro boombox, cassette tape, decks, headphones, record and speakers really speak to Mr. A, who is completely enchanted with rock n' roll -- and since daddy used to be a DJ, he digs the shirt as well!

Another one of my faves from the collection, is the "So my story begins" onesie (also available as a shirt and short-sleeve onesie). Of course, as a writer, I find the old-fashioned typewriter so charming, and I love the reminder that as parents, we are helping write our children's life story with every action we take, all day long.

They also have a really sweet trike collection of clothing with "I trike California" and many other locales written across the onesie or tee.

The founders of All Good Living Kids have three children themselves, so they are invested in protecting the planet to preserve their future. All of their garments are ethically made in the USA using 100% organic cotton, green screen-printing and low-impact dyes. They team up with "independent artists and graphic designers to present an innovative and socially aware kid’s collection."

There are SO many wonderful designs in the All Good Living Kids collection, so be sure to check them out for your kiddos, as something is sure to resonate with you while relaying your child's unique personality as well.

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