January 23, 2013

Kid Kanteen BPA-Free Stainless Steel Baby Bottle

By now you know of my absolute adoration for Klean Kanteen stainless steel reusable bottles. I have raved about their wide-mouth insulated bottles here and here, and about their sippy cups here. I guess you could call me their unofficial spokesperson with how much I go on and on about their products -- but I'm just a huge fan because they are so well made, non-toxic, reliable, unbeatable, and eco-friendly.

The newest addition to their line-up: Kid Kanteen BPA-free, stainless steel baby bottle, available in 5 ounce and 9 ounce versions. Now parents can ditch plastic that leaches chemicals, and not have to worry about glass breaking, and opt for an indestructible, totally safe (no BPA, phthalates or lead) 18/8 food-grade stainless steel bottle that doesn't retain any flavors. And this bottle has so many amazing attributes:

Key in my opinion is the bottle's wide-neck and the anthropomorphic silicone nipple (available in 3 flow rate options) that encourages proper latching and simulates the human breast. This design is ideal for breastfed babies who are also bottle-fed. Read more about why it's important to choose wide-neck baby bottles here. Further, the bottle's double-venting system reduces nipple collapse and colic.

The bottle is also compatible with all Kanteen wide caps, so if you want to transport liquids securely, just pop one of the lids from your other bottles on this baby bottle. There are also embossed and laser etched marks on the inside and outside of the bottle (in ounces and millimeters) so you can measure baby's intake -- and the pictures on the Klean Kanteen website show moms writing on the bottle's side with a Sharpie marker to note the date of pumped milk... so that's another handy time saver.

When it comes to heating the contents of this bottle, the instructions say to place the bottle in hot water and remove it when the bottle becomes lukewarm to the touch.

Cheers to all the babies!

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