April 30, 2012

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Household Cleaners

 Whether it's spring cleaning or the endless cycle of everyday tidying that needs to be done on the home front -- housework is a necessary evil. While I love the end result of a freshly cleaned home, laundry folded and put away, dishes stacked neatly in the cabinet... making it all happen is not my cup of tea. Is it anyone's?

I have previously written about cleaning products that I like, but I am going to make a bold statement and say that Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day products are hands down, the best I have ever used. I have always opted for other eco cleaners because they are less expensive than Mrs. Meyer's... but now that I have forayed into the bliss that is cleaning with Mrs. Meyer's products, I may have to make the extra investment. And did you know that the real Mrs. Meyer is a mother of nine!?

I spend an extremely disproportionate amount of time washing dishes. My husband likes to cook and get every dish we own filthy in the process, and with a family of four, three meals a day and a flurry of snacks and smoothies in between, I can now list "professional dishwasher" on my resume. To celebrate this spring, Mrs. Meyer's just released their new Bluebell scent, and I can honestly say that using their Bluebell dish soap has made doing the dishes by hand a more enjoyable experience. They actually refer to their products as "aromatherapuetic," and I am a believer. They use a complex variety of natural oils to achieve the "notes" in each of their scents.

I also love Mrs. Meyer's concentrated laundry detergent. First of all, you can wash 68 loads with just 34 ounces of detergent -- and it's suitable for use with both HE and conventional washing machines. I admit I was a bit skeptical when I put such a small amount (1 tablespoon!) of detergent in for an extra large load of laundry, but was pleasantly surprised to see how clean and fresh our clothes came out, and delightfully infused with their "pick-me-up" citrus scent of lemon verbena.

Mrs. Meyer's countertop spray is also awesome. I love the geranium scent, and find that it cleans like nothing else! I don't want to mention names, but all of the other eco-friendly countertop sprays I have been using don't hold a candle to this one. I couldn't stand the smell of one of the countertop sprays I was using, and when I switched to another brand, I liked the scent but found it didn't really clean very well. Now that I have been using Mrs. Meyer's, I realize the difference because their countertop spray is highly effective at removing grime and food, and it doesn't leave a greasy residue like one of the aforementioned sprays does.

I highly recommend treating yourself to Mrs. Meyer's products to put more joy into your cleaning endeavors. My *only* gripe is that I wish their price points were more competitive, but like I said above, they are absolutely worth the extra cost.

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