May 25, 2012

Adorable Organic Baby Jeans from Green Gamboni

I love featuring eco products that are invented by parents out of necessity, and Green Gamboni organic baby jeans were designed by mom Anne Loarie when she couldn't find a cute pair of baby jeans on the market that would accommodate the bulk of her daughter's cloth diaper. I can so relate to that, because I have some hilarious pictures of Mr. A in crazy looking tight pants that would barely fit over his cloth diapers. Note: these jeans look great over disposable diapers too!

Even better than being precious, Green Gamboni jeans are eco-friendly to boot! They're made from 98% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Denim with 2% elastic, so little ones won't be restricted when they are crawling, walking or in Mr. A's case, running away as fast as he possibly can. Additionally, Green Gamboni jeans are made in the USA, in Northern California. Of their manufacturing process Anne offers,

"I have personally visited each stop that the jeans make in the line of production. I've shaken hands with the man who cuts them, discussed shades of blue with the woman who washes them, and smiled with the good people who do the embroidery. Not to mention the amazing sewers! While there is currently no Fair Trade garment certification available for garments made in the United States (see Transfair's site) you can rest assured that there are no sweatshops involved in the production of this line!"

Anne also runs a program called GreenCycle, through which you can save money by returning your lightly used Green Gamboni jeans once your child outgrows them, and either receive a 5% discount off your next pair of G.G. jeans, or purchase used jeans that have been returned by other eco-conscious members.

Check out the entire collection of Green Gamboni jeans for little ones here. Each of the 5 styles in the collection is classic and comfortable and features darling embroidery. Sizes range from 0-6 months to 2T and prices range between $39- $46.

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