May 23, 2012

Record Baby's Most Precious Moments with Milestone Baby Cards

When I was still pregnant with Mr. A and out on the town with Miss O., an older gentleman stopped to chat and he asked me, "Do you know the difference between your first child and your second child?" "No," I answered, since I knew he was about to tell me... and he replied, "About 4,000 pictures."

And while we try to capture as much of Mr. A on film as we did Miss O., it's sad but true, his video footage falls short -- and I fear there aren't going to be a comparable amount of snapshots during the same period in their young lives.

When I saw these awesome Milestone Baby Cards, illustrated by Beci Orpin, I swooned. How I wish I had these for both of my childrens' milestones... because while some photographs are obvious in their depictions of say, a first birthday, others such as "today I smiled for the first time" are a bit more obscure. And what a fun way to label them and freeze the moment forever in time.

I think these cards would make the *best* gift for new parents. They can be reused time and again for each child, or passed along to friends and family welcoming new kin -- and using these (30) cards is even a good way to level the playing field of photographs, knowing you need to capture each milestone on the cards, for every member of your family. Here's to capturing countless memories.

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