May 15, 2012

Book Bunting Gives Discarded Books A Second Life

Parents of teething toddlers know that long before "the dog ate my homework" comes "the baby ate my board book." Both of my kids not only adore books, they love them so much that they EAT them. You should see some of the book carnage we have come across. Pages chewed down to the spine, spines chewed off... you would think we were raising puppies.

So when I came across this colorful book bunting decor, I was intrigued. First of all, I love the thought of hanging the pages of a child's favorite book on the wall, for a treasured tale to be viewed in its entirety in one glance -- and I also like the fact that you can salvage several pages from partially destroyed board books to make inspiring, eco-friendly wall decor.

The book buntings shown here are from Etsy shop The Spotted Fawn. My favorite is their Richard Scarry book bunting, because my kids and I love finding the little tiny "goldbug" on each page of his Busytown books, and we have shared many laughs and fond memories finding goldbug. Incidentally, Mr. A completely destroyed my husband's Richard Scarry book which he had from his childhood. So I am thrilled to learn of this clever way to revive it and let it live on as decor.

Below, Mr. A is happiest when in the midst of all his stories. Here's to making your walls talk.

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