June 13, 2012

Colored Scarf Games for Kids Who Like to Learn Through Play

When Miss O was a toddler, she was quite happy to sit for long periods of time to learn all about letters, numbers and colors, whether by reading a book doing a puzzle, painting, etc.

Mr. A on the other hand is a whirling cyclone who will sit still on occasion to read a book or color, but for the most part, like most boys, he likes to be on the move at all times.

I have been trying to find ways to teach Mr. A his colors, letters and numbers in a way in which he can be actively engaged -- so he can learn on the fly, literally.


I'm starting with colors. I recently found some play scarves on sale at Lakeshore (seen in the last picture of this post), and thank goodness the set includes two scarves in every color or the kids would surely fight over them! I tied the scarves together into a rainbow chain and Miss O and Mr. A ran around the room waving them wildly and laughing hysterically. Miss O even made hers into dress-up material, (of course). Mr. A was as attached to his rainbow as Linus is to his blanket, but I managed to untie the colors and we also waved them around while dancing to music. I asked him to pick up certain colors to dance with during each song and I'm hoping the knowledge will sink in!

I am also going to stuff the scarves into a tissue box once we use all of the tissues, and let Mr. A pull them out and stuff them back in. He loves tactile experiences of that nature, so I think the "scarf box" will be a hit.

There are some really great ideas of how to play with color scarves here.

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