June 18, 2012

Nassim Naturals Skincare Products Are Ethically Sourced & Mindfully Formulated

Pictured above is Nassim, founder of Nassim Naturals, a natural skincare product line she created. Her story is inspiring and empowering and I wanted to share it in her own words here on Petite Planet, where I believe that even one person can make a difference to improve the environment and the health and well-being of others.

Nassim contacted me to tell me about her products, and when I asked her to tell me more about herself and why she started her own line of skincare, here's her fascinating reply:

"I have always been interested in natural beauty products. I was born and raised in Togo, West Africa, to parents who worked in international development. In Togo, I would always try to find out what the local ladies used as beauty secrets. It worried my mom who would always tell me that the products were not regulated, and I used to tell her that woman used these products for thousands of years and nothing ever happened to them.

When I went to university I studied international development as well, mostly because human rights are important to me and the disparity of wealth caused by injustice is something that has always bothered me. A lot of the classes that I took talked about fair trade, environmental awareness, the damages of chemical ingredients to the water system and human body, the impact of the presence of big corporations in countries where ingredients are harvested, etc.

I would spend hours at the store reading ingredients in the food that i would buy and go home and research what they actually meant.  It was my pastime. I love beauty products, and my mom always wanted us to use products as simple and as natural as possible. so once I came to North America, I used to spend a lot of money on beauty products with beautiful smells, softening agents, etc. But my body was not used to so many chemicals, so I would always get skin problems as a result.

I would buy deodorant and get cysts under my arm. I would get body wash or cream then get rashes and burns on my skin. I could not wear makeup, and I tried everything out there, I would just always break out. Then I developed adult acne and it got worse and worse. So I would spend a lot more time in the natural food store, read ingredients and go research them at home. I took it in my own hands to change the way my skin looked, because I did not think it would just go away. I started making my own makeup, which was just for myself, but with time my friends would come over and use it when we would go out and want me to make some for them. I also started working towards a degree in aromatherapy. I wanted to study aromatherapy that studied the science between different essential oils, in conjunction with becoming an aromacosmetologist, or holistic skin care specialist, basically an esthetician who uses natural essential oil on the face.

The only course I wanted to take was 5 hours away from my house, so I would commute every weekend after work to take classes and commute back on Sundays to start work on Monday. It helped me learn about skin care in general, but more specifically, the complexity of facial skin, and what oils are good for it. I decided this was definitely what I was passionate about, and my hobby was spending hours and hours researching and trying products out there as well as making my own. My friends encouraged me to pursue it by always asking me for products, and I joined fairs, little by little growing to what Nassim Naturals is now.

My love for my home, Togo, the knowledge of the impact our consumer choices have on the environment and communities, and my love for natural beauty basically made Nassim Naturals. I never thought a business was going to come out of it, but it did. I am happy I did. I spend hours reading about the companies I get my ingredients from and make sure I am comfortable with their business practices prior to buying ingredients."

I am so impressed by Nassim's dedication and passion. I love that she took the time to share so much about herself with me. I had the opportunity to try Nassim Naturals Cocoa lip balm, and it has a delightful chocolatey flavor and it instantly softened my lips. My husband and Miss O loved it too... and it comes in a tin, so we can all dip a clean finger in and share it! I like that the certified organic ingredients of this lip balm (grape seed oil, safflower seed oil, pure beeswax, mango seed butter, shea butter, cocoa butter) are literally safe enough to eat -- because as you know, we inevitably ingest a great deal of the lipstick and lip balm we wear.

I also really like Nassim Naturals Soothing Body Balm for use as diaper rash remedy and to smooth on my dry hands as an instant, deeply moisturizing remedy. Again, all of the ingredients are high-integrity and several are certified organic: coconut oil, sweet almond oil, pure beeswax, mango seed butter, shea butter, calendula flower extract infused in olive oil, grapefruit seed extract infused in vegetable glycerin, essential oil of roman chamomile, vitamin E.

I love supporting small businesses, and spreading the word about people like Nassim, who are using their talent and determination to better the world. Check out Nassim Naturals for your natural skincare needs.

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