July 18, 2012

Duff's Cake Mix Opens in Los Angeles

How lucky are we that the uber talented Duff Goldman, a.k.a Ace of Cakes Food Network Star opened Duff's Cake Mix right up the street from us?

Miss O's birthday isn't until next month, but we decided to throw her a party early, before we move to San Diego, so she could celebrate with her best friends in LA.

The tagline at Duff's Cake Mix is: "we bake, you create." You can either decorate a cake or cupcakes on the menu of fun at Duff's Cake Mix. We ordered up several of their cupcake kits, which come with choices of red velvet, vanilla, chocolate and marble swirl cupcakes, loads of buttercream frosting in every color of the rainbow, (the frosting is in pastry bags that you can pipe and decorate with using different tips), your choice of toppings from the delectable and expansive topping bar (everything from M&M's and heart-shaped Sprees to glittery and rainbow sprinkles)!

Kits come complete with a ball of fondant that you can dye with food coloring, roll out and cut shapes out of, or form into whatever shapes you desire. The girls loved making flowers, hearts and stars with their fondant. Also on hand were food coloring markers and paintbrushes, so you could decorate your fondant to your liking.

I was astonished at how skilled Miss O and her friends were at using all of the tools, and at the time they spent on every little detail to make their cupcakes look fantastic. We were there for almost two hours... and I had been worried it was just going to be a quick party that would be over after slathering some frosting onto a cupcake! How very wrong I was!

Ben made Mr. A a Cookie Monster cupcake! Cookie Monster is Mr. A's favorite character -- although ironically, Mr. A is not at all a fan of sweets! How could a child of mine turn his nose up at eating cupcakes and chocolate? To each his own...

If you're in the area and looking for a great, fun family activity or a fulfilling way to spend an afternoon or evening out with friends, or even a creative date night, I would highly recommend pulling up a chair at Duff's Cake Mix and indulging in all of the sweet offerings! And it's a zero-waste event because you eat your creations!

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