July 26, 2012

REVIEW: NEW! 'Beams' Dog Treats from The Honest Kitchen

*This post was written by Tracie Berger, pet correspondent for Petite Planet. See Tracie's previous pet-related posts here.

At Casa d’Canine, we like to keep our environment stress-free, “Zen” and happy. A few months ago, Miss Kira (being the typical Labrador she is) gave me a heart attack that would have sent the Dalai Lama running for the hills. She swallowed a 6-inch bully stick whole and almost choked on it.

Kira enjoying her Beams treat
Once you’ve reached down your dog’s throat in sheer panic, there’s a bonding that takes place, and vows are born. Your dog vows to dodge your presence for a month, and you vow never to purchase treats larger than a quarter or trust her chewing instincts EVER again. That is, until the company you’ve adored for years devises a delicious, healthy alternative for your furry babies to snack on.The Honest Kitchen® recently introduced Beams™, and to say we are huge fans is an understatement. My girls Nina and Kira LOVE fish, and this ingenious product is made from just one healthy, pristine ingredient….Icelandic Catfish Skins. Beams™are made from pure, wild-caught Atlantic Catfish skins from the clean ocean waters of Iceland and dried into savory, chewy sticks that break down easily but still afford a great chewing sensation. (Atlantic Catfish is a marine fish, which is different from domestic freshwater catfish found in the United States). Not only are Beams™ a safer alternative to tough bully sticks or chicken jerky imported from unknown places, they are an excellent source of lean protein, are grain-free and don’t contain any artificial ingredients, preservatives or fillers.

On average, each piece contains about 26.7 calories. They are low in fat and a great source of Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids. If you’re wondering about the smell….they’re fishy, but just enough to entice your babies. And, they don’t leave a residue or mess on carpets.

Nina happily gnaws on her Beams treat
The Honest Kitchen® was founded by Lucy Postins in 2002 (Happy 10th Anniversary!) and offers a diverse line of dehydrated foods for both dogs and cats, along with yummy treats and natural supplements. THK uses a gentle dehydration process to maintain the integrity of their human-grade ingredients, and all of their ingredients are chosen directly from the human food chain. Each of their diets are carefully blended to encompass a broad array of amino acids, phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals and enzymes to help achieve and maintain optimum health. Nina and Kira happily scarf down Force™ daily, and couldn’t be healthier.

Their veterinarian always comments on their bright eyes, shiny white teeth and “coats that reflect like water.” Allergies and ear infections are non-existent at Casa d’Canine, and I attribute my girls’ outstanding physiology to The Honest Kitchen’s® pure, holistic approach to keeping all pets happy and healthy.

Beams are currently available in “Smalls,” about 7 inches long. “Talls” are in the works and measure about 12 inches long. These tasty, healthy treats will be a staple at our house along with all of the other THK treats. No more heart attacks for me, and the girls have something to satisfy their chewing urges again!

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