July 28, 2012

London Bus: Fair Trade Souvenir Toy for Tots to Commemorate the 2012 Summer Olympics

How about that Olympics opening ceremony? We let Miss O stay up way past her bedtime to watch the festivities and be part of history, as we were captivated alongside the rest of the world.

If you're looking for a fun way to engage your little ones in the spirit of the 2012 Olympics, this London Transport Bus will give them a slice of what daily life is like in the host city. It does cost a pretty penny, so you may want to display it as a souvenir on the shelf instead of putting it into the playtime mix...

Handmade in Sri Lanka from solid rubber wood, the London Transport Bus is a Fair Trade toy that comes equipped with 15 tiny passengers and a driver.

Go teams!

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www.mimiandsky.com said...

I loved this and put it on our Mimi & Sky Studio FB page. Three year old Soleil loves the Olympics & would so play with this. It is pricey but would work with her green wooden dollhouse with a solar panel and garden.