August 1, 2012

10 Eco-Friendly Back to School Essentials

Once we get all moved in to our new home in San Diego, the next huge event on our radar is that Miss O starts kindergarten! I cannot believe this day has arrived so quickly.

Miss O clearly gets her enthusiasm for back-to-school shopping from yours truly. We got a back-to-school catalog from Target in the mail, and she has perused it, wide-eyed, countless times. Tonight she even made the catalog her ' bedtime story' and went through each page with me telling me precisely what she will need to go to "high school." When I explained to her what Wite-Out correction tape was, it absolutely blew her mind. "I'll DEFINITELY need that!" she said.

I remember being beyond elated to get my list of school supplies so I could happily jaunt down the aisles of our local grocery store stocking up with pristine, shiny new folders, clean loose-leaf paper awaiting my stories, fresh, unsharpened pencils, and those good old-fashioned Trapper Keepers.

Cut to today, and there are a plethora of eco-friendly school supplies we can choose from to minimize our carbon footprint. After all, if EVERY kid shopping for school supplies were to switch to greener options, even just one item, imagine what a difference we could make collectively?

Before you head out to do your back-to-school shopping, please take a look at my top picks for 10 eco-friendly essentials that will have your kiddos going straight to the head of the class in green style!

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