November 6, 2012

pop & lolli Decals Make The Walls Speak Volumes

"If these walls could talk..." They truly do when decorated with pop & lolli wall decals. I was obsessed with stickers when I was a kid, and now the adult manifestation of that affinity is my love of wall decals. They offer the perfect, non-committal way to brighten and bring life to a room, and pop & lolli's vibrant, enchanting collection of wall decals will delight every member of your household.

Back in the day painting a room was the only way to freshen and renew the space, but now parents and kids can give walls an extreme makeover, outfitting them with everything from robots and space rockets to pirate ships crossing a boisterous sea.

If you don't have an entire wall to commit to a wall decal motif, even lining a baseboard with gorgeous blooming blossoms puts an instant garden of color and whimsy into a room's interior. We recently added pop & lolli's blooming blossoms to the otherwise drab landing at the top of our stairs, and they look so charming and fun.

I have already stuck and re-stuck the blossom wall decals several times to achieve various looks, and they are super easy to remove and they don't lose their ability to stick back to the wall with the same verve as the first application. This is a rarity, because oftentimes people say their wall decals may be easily unstuck and reapplied in theory, but in actuality it's a real pain. pop & lolli's decals truly can be removed and reapplied with great ease.

With the holidays quickly approaching, I think it would be SO fun to literally deck the halls with pop & lolli's fantastic set of Jingle Bells & Christmas Smells wall decals. It would be such a cool tradition to apply these decals every year when putting up your Christmas decorations.

pop & lolli's decals are made in the USA and completely non-toxic and free of harmful vinyl and PVC chemicals that comprise the vast array of wall decals on the market. They feature a water-based adhesive and Eco-Sol max inks (which are lead free). They are a completely safe and sustainable option for your baby's nursery, child's room or anywhere in your home.

pop & lolli also has a charitable program called Chic 2 Change, and for every set of chic 'experience-design' decals you purchase, the company will provide educational materials and resources to positively impact the lives of South African children in need.

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