November 7, 2012

REVIEW: Petunia Pickle Bottom's Sashay Satchel Has My Vote... And My Back

Listen up mamas, because I'm about to save you a lot of time when it comes to researching and finding the best eco-friendly diaper bag. Look no further than Petunia Pickle Bottom's Sashay Satchel. Before I found this amazing bag, I had tried my fair share of diaper bags, from varying silhouettes and designs, to veering away from the conventional and embracing the traditional. But never before had I come across a diaper bag that could convert to a backpack -- a most ingenious attribute since it is my greatest belief that mothers should grow several more arms when they give birth, and since paradoxically, mothers also need their hands free at all times to care for their kids.

The Sashay Satchel's description on the Petunia Pickle Bottom website begins: "to glide about in graceful nonchalance is to sashay..." I for one have only ever sashayed in a dance class in my youth, and nonchalance hasn't been my forte' since the early 1980's, but this diaper bag has indeed put a spring in my step and has given me a great deal more grace when it comes to ease of use while out and about with my two kiddos.

Note the straps on the Sashay Satchel as shown above. I can't tell you how great it is to be able to just hoist this diaper bag on your back if need be. I put this bag to the ultimate test recently on a family trip to Disneyland. Since you have to leave your stroller behind to get in line and go on the rides, it made my life so much easier to simply put the Sashay Satchel on my back to carry it while standing in long lines. (The straps also disconnect and tuck away discreetly if you'd rather carry it by the handles like a handbag). I also used this bag at the airport while flying with Mr. A and Miss O., and the fact that I could wear it like a backpack while tending to a million other things gave me peace of mind that I didn't have to set it down, giving me one more thing to keep track of.

We were at the happiest place on earth during spring break, and let me tell you, don't go to Disneyland during this crazy time. But my point is, I would be walking through the park and three people literally took time out from racing around the park to stop me and compliment my Sashay Satchel. One woman said she loved it because she had never seen this particular shape of diaper bag and that it looked so roomy yet manageable, and one said she adored the pattern. One woman got to talking to me about it and loved that it was eco-friendly, made from certified organic cotton.

All of them were right on. I love that it is simultaneously large and roomy, yet lightweight. Even when I stuff it full of what I need, it seems to somehow weigh less than any other diaper bag I have used. I also love that the pattern is so unique. The one shown here is called Playful Poppy, but there are so many other vibrant and colorful patterns to choose from.

Let's talk about the Sashay Satchel's features. It comes with a lightweight changing pad that folds up really nicely so it doesn't take up much room, and also a handy Petunia Pickle Bottom monogrammed wipes case. There are four internal bottle pockets, which I can't say I used for bottles because I am so paranoid of them spilling... but I used them to house hand-sanitizer, tissues, and things I would need to reach quickly. There's also a large front magazine pocket with an internal cell phone pocket, which I really appreciate because it means I don't have to spend a year fishing for my phone when it rings and missing the call because I can't find it in time. It also has a key clip, another wonderful feature since my keys always fall to into the remote abyss of any bag I am carrying. The two external side pockets are great for spare change, lollipops or tissues. It's also worth noting that the interior is water resistant and the exterior can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth. Whomever designed this bag's features must be a parent, because for whatever reason, contents are so easy to keep track of and find. Everything has its place, and actually stays there.

I just can't say enough good things about the Sashay Satchel. As with every elated discovery I make as a mom, I can only say I wish it had been invented sooner. I would have loved this bag to be my first diaper bag and my one and only all along. But I'm happy to have it now, to tote on all of our many adventures to come! Heck, I think I may even put sashaying back in my repertoire.

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