December 19, 2012

Flight of Fancy

I love seeing the world through my children's unique perspectives, and Mr. A has developed quite a love for hot air balloons in the past couple of weeks. His appreciation for these lofty marvels has really inspired my interest in them as well, and it just so happens that we live in an area where we see them floating in the sky on myriad occasions. He points at them in the sky and says, "Me, Mommy, ME!" implying that he's in the tiny basket beneath the balloon, which is what we always joke about in his picture books -- that it's him in the basket.

I think hot air balloons would make fantastic nursery, kid's bedroom or playroom decor. Herein are a few of my favorite representations of hot air balloons. The lead image in this post may be found here at the aptly named Eye Poetry Photography.

via PattersonMaker

via Soso Champignon

via Lullaby World

via Sandra Arduini Photography & Design

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