December 27, 2012

How To Stop Your Kids From Eating "Food" Rewards At School

I volunteer weekly at Miss O's school, and I have to say, I'm frequently appalled at the "food" they dole out to the kids. Whether it's someone's birthday and the cupcakes are piled high with chemical laden frosting (because nothing homemade may be brought in due to food allergy laws), or Fruit Loops are handed out as treats or Skittles are handed out (BEFORE 9am!) to some kids playing Bingo, there's pretty much NOTHING in line with our eating habits at her school.

I made a deal with Miss O that she is to politely decline any "treats" offered her at school, and then she can come home and tell me about what she missed out on and I will get her a delicious, healthy alternative instead.

I recently came across this article: Just say "No" to Food Rewards in School: A Must-Read Guide for Parents, and I thought I'd share.

Readers, do you have any tips on how to handle this issue? Many thanks!

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Michelle L said...

You can always send in a healthy alternative so she's not left out in class. I also provide organic suckers to the class so when rewards are given, she gets the healthy non-dyed stuff.