December 5, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: Nest

Nest is a family owned and operated gorgeous online boutique offering a fantastic selection of responsibly crafted, eco-friendly toys, crafts, clothing and gear for babies, children and pregnant and nursing mamas. I'll be highlighting my favorite picks from the vast array of wares available at Nest every so often, but for now since most of us are toy shopping for the holidays, I'm featuring five of my top playtime picks. Nest is a treasure trove of safe, nontoxic, heirloom quality toys for your little ones -- so shopping at Nest makes it a cinch to choose holiday gifts that won't harm your child or the planet.

1. English alphabet cards featuring unique and whimsical animal watercolors $15
2. Wooden airplane with two peg passengers is a toy that will double as room decor for years to come $58.50
3. Tyrannosaurus Rex made from solid wood from sustainably managed forests and finished with water-based paints $12.95 (Many other dinosaurs also available)
4. Goose girl music box - ducks swim round the pond as a gentle melody plays with a turn of the tiny crank $31.50
5. Set of 60 colored geo blocks - a quintessential addition to every child's playtime repertoire, made from sustainable wood and finished with water-based paints. $68 (A true deal, considering most LEGO block sets cost more than this and are made of plastic)

Visit Nest to view more of their awesome selection of toys and gifts.

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