December 6, 2012

Zimbbos Eco-Friendly Stacking Game For Kids

By now you know that I'm a huge fan of good old fashioned games of the unplugged variety. And nothing builds dexterity, teamwork and good sportsmanship like a super fun stacking game. This holiday, we're focusing on buying gifts that Miss O and Mr. A can enjoy together as siblings to promote camaraderie and bonding, and Zimbbos from Blue Orange Games will certainly entertain and delight them. Read on to learn more about this engaging game for kids.

The object of Zimbbos is to balance the elephants by stacking them on top of each other in a pyramid form, in numerical order. Each player takes turns rolling the die to see how many elephants they must delicately stack. If the pyramid crashes on your turn, you lose -- and the player who stacks the last elephant wins.

I really like that Zimbbos may either be played as a competitive game or that Mr. A or Miss O can play it alone to practice their respective stacking and balancing skills -- which will help them work on their hand-eye coordination, and their ability to concentrate and to be patient. Other great aspects include the various hues of the game pieces and the fact that they each have a number on them, to help tots learn colors, counting and number recognition.

Zimbbos is made from sustainably sourced wood and Blue Orange plants two trees for every tree used to produce their games.

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