January 10, 2013

Modern Library Storage Bin Breathes New Life Into Old Classic Books

Anyone with kids knows that you can never have enough storage bins for all of the 'stuff' that creeps into your abode. These Modern Storage Bins pair my adoration for books (see here and here), with savvy design and upcycling. And before you cringe that a beloved hardcover was repurposed as decor, see the designer's statement:

"We use books that, for various reasons, have been discarded by libraries, book shops, and thrift stores. By the time we get to them, they have already had booksellers, appraisers, and charitable organizations comb through their collections. We do not destroy rare or high-value books. We are often the last stop before the dump or recycling station. We are book lovers and it is our goal to put books back on the shelf, in a form that meets our modern needs. Whether because of a funny book title, a Bin's color palette, or the simple pleasure of the touch and feel of an old book, we have found that in this new form, books continue to bring joy into our customer's homes. In addition, a portion of our proceeds from sales are donated to the Books for Kids Foundation."

via Cool Mom Picks

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