March 7, 2013

Carré jaune Skincare for Children

Carré jaune is a refreshing collection of skincare products designed especially for children by someone who has their best interest in mind: a mother. Sylvie Lafave, mom of two, created the line when she couldn't find nontoxic products she wanted to use on her kids. So she dreamed up and then brought to fruition, carré jaune: chemical free skincare for babies and kids.

As clean and delightful as its fresh logo and packaging, the carré jaune collection is comprised of 100% natural ingredients, and none of the products contain essential oils. Instead Lafave's line relies on fruit extracts such as apricot, in order to provide the softest care possible -- in addition to other soothing ingredients such as vitamin E, calendula oil, and shea butter -- which all work to keep your kiddo's skin protected and/or to help it heal.

We happen to be going through a dry skin epidemic in our house at the moment, and we've been slathering on carré jaune apricot cream, which has resulted in the rejuvenation of our chapped skin. The apricot foam bath is also a lovely foaming wash for the bath or shower, and both emit a sweet but subtle, pleasing apricot aroma.

The cupuaçu balm is like an oversized chapstick that should be stowed in every parent's diaper bag, as it can be used in a number of ways and helps protect skin from the elements. Use it to moisturize lips, to nourish dry cheeks, or to soothe small wounds or bug stings. The cupuaçu pomade is an ideal diaper cream for babes in cloth diapers because it doesn't contain zinc, and it also does double duty to alleviate redness that sometimes occurs in baby's neck and thigh folds. I still look forward to a soak in the apricot bath powder myself!

A little more info on this charming company:

Carré jaune is French for "yellow square." Lafave explains, "I remember a time when we were showing our daughter shapes and colors as a baby. She only remembered yellow square while pointing at every shape and color. I never forgot it. Don’t worry, she’s ok now!"

On a philanthropic note Lafave offers,  "Every year, carré jaune will donate 1% of our net profits to an organization helping children in need.

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