June 4, 2013

Personalize Your Kids' Belongings in Style with 'Write Your Own' Labels from Emily Press

When it comes to labeling your kids' stuff, there are certain types of moms. There's the permanent Sharpie marker mom who leaves an indelible mark across T-shirt labels and on the bottom of drink containers, there's the hand embroidery type of mom who sews her little girl's name lovingly into her personal belongings in cursive writing, using perfectly contrasting thread. And then there's me. I'm the type of mom who fishes a ballpoint pen out of the glove compartment as I pull up to said event where my kids clothing and gear need to be labeled, and I quickly search for the tag to scrawl their name in ink that bleeds to the point of being illegible.

So you can imagine my thrill when I learned about Emily Press Labels -- specifically their new Write Your Own Labels, which are non-PVC and BPA-free (and their packaging is made from recycled content!). They are the ideal answer for moms like me -- who want an easy, stylish way to label kids' belongings sans the ballpoint pen and the sewing kit.

Emily Press Labels Write Your Own Labels come in an array of cute designs from elephants and dump trucks to princesses and peace signs, that will please both boys and girls. The designs pictured in this post are what I chose for Miss O and Mr. A, and they love them. These labels make it effortless to ensure your childrens' belongings will be clearly labeled. With summer camp coming up, they are a real lifesaver, too. You can adhere them to everything that requires your kiddo's moniker, and rest assured they'll stick around to do the job.

These labels are also dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe, and waterproof -- which is key when it comes to labeling lunchboxes, water bottles and food containers! To use Write Your Own labels, all you have to do is write your child's name on one in permanent marker, then seal and protect the writing with the built-in laminate.

I love that Emily Press Labels makes their products so affordable and user-friendly. You can get a pack of 24 Write Your Own labels for just $9.99 -- and you don't have to pay outlandish fees for a company to personalize your labels, since you do it yourself. I like that you can also write as many names as you need to on the labels, and aren't limited to having 24 labels in one name.

Thanks to Emily Press Labels, I will look like a super-hip, totally organized mom. I'll be toting these labels around for all my personalization needs from now on!

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