June 2, 2013

Spot It! Alphabet and Numbers & Shapes Editions are Perfect for Travel & Preschool Prep!

Mr. A and Miss O have such different ways of learning. Miss O used to sit still for up to an hour at a time to study letters and numbers via puzzles, books and games. Mr. A's attention span is fleeting -- and after a few minutes he's ready to move on to the next activity, closing a book or pushing a game away, waving his little hands in mid-air and declaring, "All done!" Since Mr. A loves watching Miss O and I play one of our all-time favorite games, Spot It! and he often wants to join in, I was thrilled to discover that the masterminds behind Blue Orange Games have made letters, numbers and shapes editions of this handy, entertaining game!

Spot It! Alphabet and Spot It! Numbers and Shapes are essential games to add to your preschooler's repertoire. Playing these card games together is a sly way to help little ones learn their letters, shapes and numbers, and also color rcognition, by disguising the education as entertainment. I plan on traveling with both of these easy-to-tote tins all the time, to utilize them during opportunities such as airplane travel and for long lulls like waiting in the doctor's office.

Miss O will also benefit from playing Spot It! Alphabet, because although she has mastered her letters, there are plenty of other variations of the game offered in the instructions that make it suitable for kids with more advanced skill sets. For example, you can ask your older child to think of a word that starts with the letter they are "spotting" or a word that contains the letter.

I love these good, old-fashioned games because they enable me to bond with and teach my kids essential information, and we have a blast playing every edition of Spot It! we own. It's such a fun way to pass the time while dinner is cooking and it's time to unwind in the early evening. And I just know that Mr. A is soaking up knowledge to embark on preschool in the fall every time we open the can holding these ingenious card games.

Mr. A studies the Spot It! instructions intently

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