August 24, 2010

Organic, Holistic Pet Care Grooming Products from Opie & Dixie

My sister Tracie is the best, most loving and conscientious dog owner I know. So when I came across Opie & Dixie's pet grooming line, I had to share the good news of these green and natural products with her. She recently pampered her new pooch with these holistic and luxurious products and here's her review:

"As a dog owner for many years, I am constantly on the hunt for quality products for my pets. My 13 year old Dalmatian A.J. recently crossed the rainbow bridge due to cancer, so all our food and grooming products are now meticulously scrutinized for holistic, organic and healthy ingredients at all costs.

In an effort to try something other than baby shampoo for bath time, I came across Opie & Dixie Wholesome Pet Solutions. I tried four of their grooming products, all of which were met with overwhelming acceptance by my newest Dalmatian, Nina. We started with the Organic Oatmeal Almond Shampoo at bath time. Upon first lather it was rich and luxurious, yet gentle to her skin. The subtle smell of almond lingered in the air. Next came the Organic Botanical Crème Rinse & Conditioner. This product was more aromatic, like something you’d smell in a garden full of flowers, but not at all overbearing. Nina’s coat instantly became softer, even more so after her blow dry.

Upon completion of her ritualistic post-bath-time sprint through the house and catapult over the sofa, Nina rested just long enough for me to apply the Healing Paw Balm, which instantly took her paw pads from cracked and dry to smooth and moist. What an ingenious product! I’ve never given much thought to my dogs’ paw pads, but the Healing Paw Balm really makes me think about the negative impact of hot asphalt on their little feet! The last product, the Organic Rosehips Dry Shampoo and Conditioning Mist, we tried a few days later. With the gentle smell of rose, this product instantly perked up Nina’s coat and reverted it back to its softness and shine on spa day. It was nice to see a product work instantly to get her clean and smelling fresh again.

During the summer months, Nina is a bit more itchy and scratchy than normal due to her lazy days of rolling in the grass. Since using the Opie & Dixie grooming products, I’ve noticed Nina’s scratching is virtually non-existent. Goodbye Johnson & Johnson, hello Opie & Dixie!"

The Opie & Dixie product line includes:

• Organic Ear Wash made with spring water, peppermint, and eucalyptus.

• Oatmeal Almond Shampoo for silky coats and skin health.

• Unscented Kitty Shampoo with gentle rosemary, lavender, and rosehip extracts.

• Rosehips Dry Shampoo and Conditioning Mist for waterless washing.

• Gentle Puppy Shampoo: Soothing and mild for a puppy’s delicate coat.

• Botanical Créme Rinse and Condtioner for hydrating skin and coat.

• Healing Paw Balm for restoring, healing and hydrating paw pads.

Each of the above products incorporates herbs, oils, and essential nutrients designed with the input of veterinarians and nutrition experts to promote optimum health, from shiny coats to clean ears to healthy immune systems.

Eco stats: From the ingredients to the non-BPA packaging to product labels that are printed on recycled paper and made with a 100% wind-powered manufacturing process, Opie & Dixie makes every effort to care for the earth in the same way that it cares for pets. Additionally, a percentage of all retail sales go to a local dog rescue organization.

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