January 15, 2008

The Island of Misfit Crayons

Crayons are a staple of childhood, and the joy of coloring and drawing pictures is something every child should experience.

But we all know with each new box of crayons comes... breakage! Sometimes the tops are already broken off before use, and other times, wear and tear renders favorite colors into nubs and amputees.

Now there's a magical place to send all those castoff crayons, and your children don't have to feel bad about crayons that snap in two. Crazy Crayons has a crayon recycling program wherein they take all of your used crayons and make them into brand new crayons of wild multi-colors. Each crayon is completely unique, and sets are packaged in a recycled cardboard box. Each set of crayons also comes with tree free paper to create on! So use an old shoebox to collect your discarded crayons and send away for cool, recycled new ones. Or take it to another level and get the teachers at your child's school to install a drop box so crayons may be sent off in bulk to Crazy Crayons!

If you're buying a new set of crayons, keep in mind that most crayons are petroleum based, and petroleum is not an earth-friendly, easily biodegradable product. Stockmar Block Crayons are made out of pure beeswax, and are a much better alternative for your blossoming Monet. The large size and shape of these crayons make them longer lasting and less likely to break.


Amy said...

Great post - who would have thought about the greeness of crayons!

Gift of Green said...

Oops, that's me above...