January 22, 2008

Teens for Jeans Starts Today!

I had no idea that one out of three homeless people in America is under the age of 18.

Aeropostale stores nationwide have decided to help homeless youth, by donating your gently worn jeans to teens living in shelters. If you give away a pair of your pants in this "Teens for Jeans" program which runs today through February 10, 2008, you'll receive 20% off a pair of new jeans purchased at Aeropostale.

I know most of us have babies, and it seems like they won't be teens for another lifetime, but if you know any families with teens, spread this news to them!

Click here for a list of where to drop off jeans in your area.

Here's a link to the cute new pair of jeans you can buy with your 20% discount!

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