February 13, 2008

Lighten Your Load

If I was a superhero, laundry would be my nemesis. My basket is literally the monster in the closet that seems to overflow with clothes no matter how many loads I do weekly. It wouldn't be so bad if I had my own washer and dryer, but instead I have to lug colossal loads to the laundromat. I try to make sorting the laundry at home a learning experience for Olivia by teaching her about colors, but the fun usually ends there...

But dare I say, my last trip to the laundromat was brightened by an earth friendly laundry detergent called dropps! These little "laundry pacs" are as light as air and it was much easier tossing them into my basket than lugging a jug. Their lightweight packaging means less waste, more trees saved and the concentrated detergent means less buying. I used the "scent and dye free" dropps because everyone in my family has sensitive skin. They worked perfectly.

You have to be pretty green minded to think about preserving the planet when it comes to washing your clothes, but this is exactly the kind of activity that matters the most because everyone does it time and time and time again. Add up all those times, and we have a green revolution on our hands if we all switch to eco-friendly detergent.

dropps are fun to pop in the washer. Each little pod of concentrated soap dissolves completely in water, releasing the soap, which is free of phosphates, chlorine and npe's, all additives which harm the environment. They work with both top and front loading washers, and your kids will love tossing them into the drum. This is a time saver as well... no measuring liquid or powder.

So, dropps are my new sidekick at the laundromat...

You can buy dropps directly on their website, or check for where they are sold at stores near you.


Lynn from organicmania.com said...

Just found your site and looking forward to exploring it, you've got some great info.

I've never heard of this laundry info. Thanks for the tip. How much does this cost compared to conventional detergents?



Petite Planet said...

Hi Lynn,

You can buy 60 wash loads of dropps for around $25. So, these are more expensive than everyday detergent brands, as are a lot of "green" products, but if you can afford it, they are well worth the cost. A little goes a long way and it preserves the earth too!

mom go green said...

ugh! i know, the laundry just never ends!

have you heard of maggie's soap nuts? you might like to try them. they are little balls or seeds from a tree that are natural cleaners. no detergents! i tried it myself because i thought it sounded so...unusual.

i still don't use them every load. but maybe i should.

N. & J. said...

The drops sound neat my fiance and I are going to switch to a green laundry detergent as soon as our current traditional type runs out.