March 12, 2008

You and Your Kids will Never Be Bored Again!

Do you ever look at your baby or toddler and wonder what she'll be when she grows up? As Olivia closely examines the tags on all her toys or joyfully tears through tissue paper, or longs to type away on mommy's computer keyboard, I dream up all of the things she might want to "be" when she grows up.

The Savvy Source for Parents helps you direct your child (ages 2-6) to learning geared toward their areas of interest and their skill level. Take the Savvy Quiz on their website and see where your budding Einstein ranks developmentally in areas including language acquisition, math, visual arts, and coordination. Once you complete the quiz, you'll be given a free (!) list of books and toys that are specific to your child's interests and development and a list of activities that will help her flourish and grow intellectually.

I love the activities section of the site, which is a giant database filled with creative ideas on fun things to do with your children. A couple "green" standouts are Make a Pull Train by using old shoe boxes and string. Color and decorate the boxes, then poke holes through them, string them together, and place stuffed animals or people toys in the boxes and take them for a ride! Another green craft is Making a Placemat using brochures from theme parks, museums, etc.

The Savvy Source truly lives up to its name. I am thrilled to have this database at my fingertips and I hope it supplies you and your family with endless fun and bonding time. Here's to all our future engineers, astronauts, chefs, ballerinas, writers...

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jeneflower said...

Thanks for the Saavy quiz link- there are a lot of great resources there!