June 25, 2008

Get Sassy in the Tub

I've previously written about both tub cleanliness and how to avoid chemicals in your children's bath care products. These are serious matters, but bath time happens to be one of the happiest, most lighthearted activities of the day in our home. Olivia adores getting all wrinkly by wiling away the evening playing with toys in the tub, and we found these great tub toys by Sassy that are non-toxic and totally safe. They are the perfect companions to keep your tub and your baby chemical free.

Pictured above are the Sassy Squishy Squirt Pals. Olivia is still bathing in her toddler tub, and these toys are rather large, so using one at a time provides plenty of entertainment. Olivia loves all of their bright colors, and they are squishy because they have a nylon top and terry cloth underbelly, which enables them to dry quickly. These materials are also a nice departure from plastic toy overload. They fill up with water and squirt it out, which is always fun, as most babies love to splash and play with the water. These toys are appropriate for babies of all ages.

Pictured below are the Sassy Bath Wigglers. They are recommended for children 9 months and older, but at 10 months, Olivia still doesn't quite grasp the concept that you pull their string and they wiggle in the water. (Note: no batteries are required.) Perhaps she'll get the hang of this with practice, but parents should expect to operate this for their younger babies.
You'll see from the links that these toys are sold at The Soft Landing, which features all non-toxic items. Sassy products are also widely sold and I have seen them everywhere from Target to Nordstrom Rack. I am so happy to add these toys to Olivia's repertoire because I know they are safe and I don't have to worry about her when she puts them in her mouth! I hope you and your little ones enjoy them as much as we do.

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