June 18, 2008

Go Take a Flying Leap!

If you want to make certain your personal care product purchases aren't tested on animals, keep your eyes open for the leaping bunny symbol. The Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics, a group of eight animal protection groups, bestows this symbol on companies who are cruelty-free in their product development.

Click here to view a list of all of the participating companies who have achieved the leaping bunny logo. You can also see the logo on their website so you can identify it on future product choices. (Or, scroll down to the bottom of the page here on Petite Planet, where I have added the Leaping Bunny banner). I was glad to see that Burt's Bees and Hugo Naturals are on the list, as are Kiss My Face and Tom's of Maine... those items pretty much round out our regimens around here.

The Leaping Bunny site even offers a free, pocket sized shopping guide to assist you in your animal friendly purchases. Click here to send away for one.

With the plethora of products available from a long list of companies, we all have every ability to shop responsibly, supporting those who have vowed to protect our animal friends. There is no reason for animal testing, period.

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