June 19, 2008

SuperBib Saves the Day

My search for a better bib led me to the cutest cover-up by Bumkins. The SuperBib, shown above in the feminine version of their "Urban Chaos" print, is by far the most comfortable bib Olivia has worn to date. Before this bib saved the day, she was wearing a rather non-conforming bib which she arched her back to get out of, and which had a closure that often pinched her neck. The SuperBib allows her to move freely, and she looks like a little rock star behind the sassy graphics. The adjustable Velcro enclosure is a cinch for me to secure, and there's no possibility for pinching. I was initially dubious about the catchall pocket that is flush against the bib, but pleased to see it performed well by catching several cereal Breakfast O's that slipped through Olivia's fingertips.

We all know looks aren't everything, but the best thing about this bib is that not only is it adorable, it is non-toxic. After all, pretty is as pretty does. The SuperBib really is super, as it is free of BPA, vinyl, phthalate, and PVC, and it's made in the USA. The waterproof fabric is stain and odor resistant, and it is machine washable, but let it air dry. I simply wipe it down with a baby wipe after feedings and that works well too!

Let your baby make a fashion statement (there are many precious patterns to choose from) AND a political statement (ditching the toxins) by wearing one of these smart creations. Visit the Bumkins website or Babies R Us to order your Superbib.

*If I could go back in time, I would register for the three pack of Superbibs I linked to at Babies R Us.


roseymama said...

I looooove that bib!!!

Angie said...

Those Bumkins bibs are worth every penny. They last for years. I also love that they dry so quickly after you wash them out.

Anonymous said...

ABSOLUTELY love these bibs, they are the only ones we have been using so far...my "baby boy" just turned 17 months today:-)