July 16, 2008

Lap Up these Fabkins

Childhood chores don't usually elicit fond memories, but setting the dinner table as a little girl, while my mom dished up our meal, makes me nostalgic for simpler times.

Way ahead of the green revolution, we used cloth napkins in my family. What was an elegant gesture over twenty years ago has become a dire necessity today, in our effort to reduce waste.

Fabkins cloth napkins for kids are an absolute must have. Fold them into your child's daily repertoire and start their trend toward environmental friendliness at an early age. Teach them to use cloth napkins, and it will hopefully create a life long habit that will help save invaluable resources.

Fabkins are colorfully patterned and decorated, and they're the perfect size, crafted especially for small hands. We have the "Garden Friends" in pink stripe, shown above. The sets of five cloth napkins are available in six different darling themes which you may see here.

Created by two moms with the desire to pack waste free school lunches for their children, Joyce and Paige founded Fabkins when they wanted to include a kid sized, eco-friendly alternative to paper napkins that was more fun than formal. They also do double duty and can be used as a placemat, and each napkin has a label on which you may write your child's name. Only a mom wouldn't spare that detail!

The small gesture of using a cute cloth napkin will not only teach children the importance of reducing waste, these napkins are also a fun tool in teaching table manners. Set your table with Fabkins and set your children on the path to being green. Bon Appetit!

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