July 14, 2008

Another Shot in the Dark

I came across more extremely disturbing vaccine news on a mother's newsletter that was delivered to my email. The headline was "Fewer Shots for Infants," and the article went on to say how happy mothers should be because they could be spared from having to deal with giving their babies so many "torturous vaccinations." At first I nearly jumped for joy, thinking some light had shone down on the current vaccination schedule and that the absurdity at all of the shots our babies are given at once had trumped the recommendations of the FDA and AAP. But to my horror, this "good news for moms" was that a new vaccine that contains FIVE immunizations in ONE shot has just been approved by the FDA.

Here's another gem of a quote on this new ridiculous Pentacel vaccine: "The FDA approval of Pentacel vaccine is great news for parents and pediatricians who want to reduce the stress of well-baby visits," said Tina Q. Tan, M.D., infectious disease specialist, Children's Memorial Hospital, Chicago.

Exactly WHOSE stress is being reduced? I honestly feel like I am having an out of body experience because I cannot believe that the safety and welfare of our children isn't being placed above the comfort and "stress" level of their parents. It has been determined time and again that we are giving too many shots too soon to our babies, but for some reason, these all in one shots keep getting approved. WHY? We should all be asking, "WHY?"

This is a shot in the dark in the truest sense of the words.

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