July 18, 2008

Lovable Monsters

Your children will love having a staring contest with "Crazy Eyes," shown above, a member of the "My Own Monster" family, a line of plush monster toys. If anyone in your household has a fear of monsters, these fun-loving characters are sure to change their mind.

All monsters were designed by the children of staffers at North American Bear (toy manufacturer), and brought to life from their drawings and imaginations. If your little one wants a shot at designing his very own monster, you may order a kit, use the materials according to instructions, and send it in to become a reality! Click on "Custom Monsters" here to learn more about this ingenious activity! Monsters may only be made through F.A.O Schwartz, and the kits are currently sold out, but click here for more details.

The best part of all... can you believe there's still more... is that a generous 10% of My Own Monster sales is donated to Global Action for Children. Global Action for Children works to secure the futures of vulnerable children in the developing world by safeguarding them from malaria, war and poverty, and by providing them with shelter, food, health care and education.

These are by far the friendliest, cuddliest, most charitable and rewarding monsters I've ever encountered. I think they must have banded together to figure out a way out of our closets and into our hearts.

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