July 9, 2008

Save some Green while going Green at Ecobunga!

Sometimes one of the hardest things about the eco-friendly lifestyle is that it can be more expensive than mainstream living. Of course the non-monetary payoff is great enough to dig deep into our pockets and make some sacrifices, but a discount, or a freebie here or there would sure help us green minded people out!

We're in luck because Ecobunga! is a website dedicated to green giveaways and deals. It's basically my dream come true in cyberspace.

From a Caribbean vacation giveaway to a 10% off discount on natural sunscreens, Ecobunga! offers a wide range of ways to save some green while saving the earth.

Based on your desired search you can either "Win Green," or "Save Green" and peruse rewarding listings that will enable you to win amazing green products and experiences or save on everyday products such as Seventh Generation baby wipes.

Doing our best to tread lightly on our planet just got a little easier.

1 comment:

Daisy said...

Thanks for posting this! I'll check it out. It fits my philosophies.