August 11, 2008

Eco-Friendly Lounge Wear for Hard Working Moms

Let's face it, as a stay at home/work from home mom, there are many days I'm not out of my pajamas before noon. I'd love to say once showered, that I dress in stylish capri pants, a trendy top and sandals with a practical yet feminine kitten heel, but lounge wear really is my uniform if I'm not leaving the house. I need something cozy to wear while I type away on my laptop during Olivia's naps, or as I roll around on the floor and spin and dance with her while we play.

As moms, we are the ultimate multi-taskers, and I found lounge wear that allows you to make a statement and support a worthy cause, simply by purchasing it and wearing it proudly.

Maggie's Functional Organics
has been making "green" clothing since 1992... before the majority of companies had even heard of "eco-friendly." All of their products, apparel and accessories are made with certified organically grown fibers. They work exclusively with producers who guarantee livable working conditions and independence for their workers. Maggie's believes that "there is no environmental sustainability without social responsibility." They formed a sewing cooperative with victims of Hurricane Mitch in Nicaragua, and they are constantly upholding a fair trade model when it comes to the labor conditions that go into the creation of their clothing.

I truly applaud Maggie's for being pioneers in the green movement, and for esteeming and upholding the dignity of both the environment and the human beings who create their apparel.

Shown above is the "Live, Laugh, Love" lounge set that I wear with pride. Check out all of their cute sets with a variety of empowering messages. Maggie's sells a wide range of clothing from baby clothes to tees, to scarves and leg warmers. I love their Organic Baby Sets made from the cutting scraps of Maggie's camisoles and criss-cross tops. What a darling way to re-purpose material!

Grab a lounge wear set for yourself. You and I know you won't do much lounging in it, but there will be plenty of living, laughing and loving!


Margaret Cloud said...

the baby pictures are gorgeous, what a sweetie, I don't blame you for working from home, what a nice distraction.

Petite Planet said...

Thanks so much, Margaret! Yes, raising my daughter is the best job in the world!