August 4, 2008

GreenEdge Kids: An Eco-Savvy Fashion Haven

You're going to want to have your credit card handy, because I'm about to direct you to a virtual shopping bonanza. GreenEdge Kids is the most comprehensive "green" children's clothing boutique I have ever come across, and the selection of adorable clothes has little ones covered from top to bottom in sustainable goodness.

GreenEdge Kids isn't just a great shopping find, it's an education. You may "Shop by Conscience" to learn about the materials that comprise your selection, and exactly how the world benefits by choosing products made with hemp, bamboo, certified organic cotton, recycled fabric... and so on. The folks behind GreenEdge Kids offer so many ways to shop responsibly for the benefit of our children and our planet. "Fair Trade," "Made in the USA," and "Sweatshop Free" are just a few options available. I don't think it would be possible to have buyer's remorse (something I suffered from... until now!) after making purchases on this website!

Not only are the clothes eco-friendly, the GreenEdge Kids philosophy is to employ sustainable business practices in everything from their packaging to their purchasing of carbon offsets.

They aren't just another pretty face in cyberspace, they are the real deal. But without further adieu, let's talk shop!

"Green" underwear had never crossed my mind before I discovered GreenEdge Kids. Nothing gets closer to a child's skin than their undergarments, so naturally, they should be made of nontoxic materials. Look no further than Peau Ethique. Certified 100% organic cotton, sweatshop free, low impact dyes, and the most darling undergarments I have ever seen! Where were these when I was growing up? Pictured above is the Undershirt/Pajama Top, and pictured below are the Bra and Boxer.

I am usually underwhelmed by merchandise I order online when it shows up in person on my doorstep, but I literally gasped at how cute this set is. The garments are soft and beautifully made. I wish they came in my size!

These selections will get you started on the first layer of dressing your little girl, but head to GreenEdge Kids and work on building a wardrobe for your son or daughter, niece or nephew, that is good for them and for our planet! It just doesn't get any cuter than this!

I feel like a kid again!

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