December 5, 2008

Recyclable Rain Boots mean No More Raining on Olivia's Parade

It's been a tough adjustment swapping from wearing flip flops year round in Los Angeles to pulling on the rain boots in Portland. But the adorable Kamik rain boots shown above in the pink daisy print have made the transition fun, fashionable, and eco-friendly.

As a newbie, I had been taking Olivia to the park in regular shoes, and was always bringing her home covered in mud, with wet socks and cold toes! These Kamik boots cover and protect her feet from the elements, and her pant legs tuck into them so they don't get muddy as she dives into piles of leaves.

Made in Canada, Kamik boots are composed of waterproof, lightweight synthetic rubber. They have a great TREK outsole which enables toddlers to be more sure footed while walking, or running in the rain. Kamik boots are also recyclable, so when your tot outgrows them, they needn't end up in a landfill. Of course, you'll want to pass these on as hand me downs until they wear out too! But seeing as they are built to last, that may take quite some time!

Once your Kamiks are ready to go to rain boot heaven and be recycled, click on this link.

Olivia loves her Kamik boots because they are sleek and easy to wear. They're not clunky and overbearing, and they don't interfere with her stride. I'm eyeying these beauties from Kamik for myself because I am tired of coming home with cold feet too!

Kamik also has a Kids Club on their website which is complete with games, ideas for outdoor activities, tips for winter, and animal facts. Look for the magic code on the card inside your boot box to become a member.

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