January 3, 2009

'Green' Voted Most Annoying Word of 2008

Just a quick post to share that the word "green" was voted the most annoying word of 2008. "Carbon footprint" was another "annoying" winner. Am I happy about this? "Not so much." (Another phrase on the annoying list!)

Want to know what will be really annoying? If the world turns brown from lack of eco-enlightenment!

I have said and written the word "green" SO many times in the past year... but I will continue to do so until our planet is no longer in peril. Green, green, green...


Noelle said...

who voted this???? that's absurd!

Petite Planet said...

I know! This was voted on and compiled by Lake Superior State University... nothing too "superior" about their choice of words, in my opinion!