January 5, 2009

Two Dollars Buys a World of Fun

Let's face it... as good, conscientious parents, we all want to fill up our children's to-do lists with educational activities which stimulate their mind, pique their curiosity, stretch their imagination, and exercise their body. But these outings and events can sometimes cost a pretty penny, while having little to no impact on our wandering tots. For instance, my husband and I have taken Olivia to museums, exhibits and outings galore, and the bottom line is, if we hand her a ball and let her run up and down the sidewalk outside our house, she is just as happy as if we'd paid $20 for admission into a children's science museum.

Today she had more fun picking up rocks and walking around her neighborhood, than she did at the totally awesome Noah's Ark exhibit in Los Angeles. But of course, we will always keep trying and exposing her to what the world has to offer in the kiddie entertainment and enlightenment realms. Teaching our children to appreciate the earth and the universe at large by introducing them to the stars, planets and every animal we can find at the zoo, will help perpetuate the intelligence that future generations require to save our planet!

But back to the money part... I've discovered that all of these activities are available at bargain prices... so be sure to utilize them to save a load of cash, while still allowing your little one to blossom into a genius.

Here in Portland, the OMSI has $2 days the first Sunday of every month. Parking is also free on these days. Arrive when they open and you're golden. By the time we left, the crowds were starting to pour in.

The Oregon Zoo in Portland also offers $2 admissions on the second Tuesday of every month. We've yet to venture out to claim this bargain, but doing so will save us a bundle.

These are just two examples... I encourage you to research the activities in your area you'd like to take your kids to... and then find out if they offer discounted rates on certain days of the month. Then you can truly indulge without having to pay a fortune to do all of the fun things life has to offer. If you're child is particularly enchanted with an outing such as the zoo, buy a membership, as this too will save you money if you visit often.

Have fun!

*The photo above is of Olivia at the petting zoo where we cut our Christmas tree.

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