February 23, 2009

Boon's New Bath Toys are a Blast!

You may have already heard, I'm a big fan of Boon's new bath toys. In addition to being non-toxic: BPA-free, PVC-free and phthalate free, they are full of fun. I've written before about the importance of keeping bath time free and clear of damaging chemicals, (choosing safe baby shampoo, soap and lotion and cleaning the tub with non-toxic cleaners), and selecting safe toys is another way to keep baby's tub time regime pure.

We tested out Boon's toys during bath time tonight, and 18 month old Olivia found them delightful. The interchangeable Scrubble set is perfectly sized for tiny hands, and she was fascinated with how the tops screwed and unscrewed. You fill them with water and squeeze the water out, and I was able to use one to playfully "rain" on her hair to dampen it for washing. This worked a lot better than the cup I had been using.

Splat, the floating ring toss actually taught Olivia a new word: "missed." She happily piled the rings onto the stick, but when I tried to toss them on, I "missed" every time. Olivia gleefully commentated on the play by plays of my tosses, laughing and repeatedly saying, "missed, missed, missed!"

We didn't test the Water Bugs with Net, but this too looks engaging, and I imagine parents will be able to get some scrubbing and cleaning of their tots accomplished as they are distracted by scooping up the bath toy bugs with their net.

I like that all of these toys encourage the development of dexterity and spatial awareness. Of course, most of all, I like that they are chemical free and a ton of fun!

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