February 19, 2009

Dr. Think Outside the Box

Today was a historic occasion for me. I took Olivia to her new pediatrician and was absolutely thrilled that this doctor was the kind who thinks outside the box. I am a strong advocate of alternative health and listening to your own mother's intuition with regard to your child's needs as opposed to handing over the reigns to a stranger, even one with a PhD.

Today we were graced with the care of a FANTASTIC pediatrician. I thought I was dreaming when I listened to what she advised. First of all, her energy was enchanting. Olivia loved her from the second she walked in the door, and it's the only time I have ever seen her so comfortable or trusting of someone she had never met. Beyond the fact that this doc has an amazing bedside manner and clearly loves kids, she mentioned the following during our visit:

With regard to my belief that vaccines are not one size fits all, she told me that she has her 2 yr old son on a delayed vaccination schedule as well, and that she doesn't believe in administering more than 1 shot at a time. This is a doctor talking! All of the docs I have met thus far are more than willing to pump Olivia full of up to five vaccines in one visit!

She asked me if I knew about Skin Deep, EWG's database of personal care products which lists their hazard scores. Of course, Petite Planet readers are aware I know about Skin Deep, and I was thrilled that a doctor is informing patients to select their personal care products wisely. She also recommended Badger sunscreen for Olivia, so I'll certainly be checking that out!

Finally, when Olivia was drinking from her sippy cup, she asked me if it was BPA free! The heavens rejoiced!

Some of you may be fortunate enough to have forward, outside of the box thinking health care providers in your life, but this was a first for me. I feel so hopeful to have met a doctor who doesn't just buy into and regurgitate what the FDA or the APA passes down. I hope you all stumble across such good fortune in your own quests to find a great doctor for your children. And keep on keeping on if you think outside the box and feel alone... your children will be better off for all of your time, research and effort.


Kristen said...

You're my new fav. Skin Deep rocks. If you haven't already, check out the book I mention here:

You will end up carrying this thing in your purse. It's just that awesome.

Jill said...

That Doc is a great find! The only doc we use is a DAN! (defeat autism now!) doc and so we were actually recommended to not vaccinate my younger two children. I agree with you about listening to your mother's intuition and not handing over your rights as a mother to the doc, even with an MD. Good for you, and I use Badger too. Turns skin very white, but good quality. Their foot balm is to die for!!