February 16, 2009

Gimme 5!

Did you know that #5 plastics aren't recycled in most communities? I didn't. But, it's Preserve to the rescue with their "Gimme 5" program.

Now you can take your clean plastics bearing the #5 stamp, any Preserve product, and your Brita water filters! You know you're an eco maniac when the thought of recycling a Brita water filter fills you with joy. (that's me).

The Gimme 5 program is being offered at your local Whole Foods store. Yet another reason for me to love Whole Foods. If you don't live near a Whole Foods, you may mail your #5's directly to Preserve.

Participating in this recycling opportunity keeps plastic out of landfills, and enables Preserve to turn recyclables into new products.

I really love that Preserve is a company that's actually living up to its name. I surely would give them a high five if given the chance.

1 comment:

Pajama Llama said...

This is great! I can't tell you how many times I grumble at having to just throw away a number 5 containers. (My community only recycles 1,2, and 3). :( But I live pretty clos eto a Whole Foods!