August 23, 2009

Get 'Funky' with Kids' Lunches to Lessen Food Waste

Thankfully, I have a few more years before I need to pack a lunch for Olivia, but as back to school time draws near, I feel for all those parents who are going to have to come up with yummy, healthy, creative lunch ideas to pack in their kid's lunchbox everyday. When I came across the Funky Lunch sandwich design website, I had to pass it on!

I suppose you could widdle these sandwich forms into fruition on the home front as well... but packing them as your child's school lunch will certainly make him the coolest kid at the table. Check out the gallery of the amazing images of sandwich design at Funky Lunch for inspiration.

Two great things about taking this extra measure to create a sandwich design: 1) it will encourage your kids to clean their plate and leave no waste, which is inherently eco-friendly 2) kids will perhaps try new, healthier foods if they are presented as such adorable, tasty options.

Please visit Waste Free Lunches to learn more about packing a lunch for your child that won't harm the earth.

*I also have to give a shout out to my mom who packed my lunch (and my siblings lunches) for nearly 2 decades. She also dealt with all my picky eating issues: (no sandwiches!), managed to give me yummy food to eat every day without fail, and even tucked in notes which she kissed with lipstick. Yes mom, your seat in Heaven is being shined as I type this...

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