September 3, 2009

NEW! 'All the World' Children's Book Unites Tots with Nature

'All the World' is a new children's book that is simple in its language, but wide in scope. Geared toward ages 9-12, I actually think this book is a perfect read for young toddlers, with its beautiful illustrations of nature and its quick, easy wording such as phrases: "All the world is wide and deep," and "All the world is old and new."

A description of the book:

"Following a circle of family and friends through the course of a day from morning till night, this book affirms the importance of all things great and small in our world, from the tiniest shell on the beach, to warm family connections, to the widest sunset sky."

'All the World' is a wonderful teaching tool which enables parents to seamlessly incorporate grand lessons and concepts into a young child's basic understanding of the world. It's a beautiful, timeless book that may be handed down for generations. Author Liz Garton Scanlon and illustrator Marla Frazee offer the perfect combination of appealing eye candy pictures and punchy wording which kept my two year old entertained and further piqued her curiosity, making the world seem a little less giant and a lot more relatable.

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Kayla said...

Looks like a beautiful book. I may have to get a copy for my three year old.