September 8, 2009

PVC Free, Non-toxic Bathtub Liner Keeps Tots from Slipping in the Tub

Our newborn-toddler bathtub has served us well over the past two years, but it's time for us to move Olivia out of the tiny tub and into the regular bathtub. She is terrified of slip-sliding away in what seems to her like a giant, open tub, so I went on the hunt for a tub liner that would make her feel more secure. As we all know, shower curtains and most tub and shower related gear is laden with chemicals. So I wanted to find a PVC free, non-toxic alternative to keep chemicals out of her bath time regimen while keeping her safe.

Luckily, Vita Futura sells a non-slip PVC free and phthalate free bath safety mat. It is also a non-vinyl, non-chlorine based product. Available in blue, white and beige, this bath mat covers a perfectly ample section of the tub lengthwise, and it really works at keeping a steady grip on slippery, wiggly toddlers during bath time fun. Olivia had a ball in the 'big girl' tub that she once feared, knowing this mat wouldn't let her fall. It is made from "a natural elastic material, Caoutchouc, obtained from the latex sap of trees."

The bath mat is easy to keep clean as well. Simply hang it to dry after each bath and occasionally clean it in warm water using a mild detergent.

Purchase your bath safety mat at Vita Futura.

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