January 10, 2011

Green to Grow BPA-free Baby Bottles with 'Mellow' Colic-Relief System

One of my all-time most popular posts on Petite Planet is a post about Green to Grow's wide neck baby bottles, and how they are "more like mommy." And I can't state enough how wonderful it is to have the option of an anthropomorphic bottle to minimize nipple confusion in breastfeeding babes who are also bottle fed.  Green to Grow bottles are my top choice for baby bottles, (tied with thinkbaby bottles), and I was thrilled to learn about their new Mellow ™ colic-relief system. If you've had a gassy infant in your care, you know you'd be grateful for *any* type of help in assuaging his woes.

And while you're befuddled enough by a crying baby, Green to Grow saves the day with vented nipples that are a single piece so you don't have to wash, keep track of and assemble countless parts to formulate a bottle. Made from a transparent, medical grade silicone that is heat-resistant and odorless, they feature an "air vent built directly into the base of the nipple, allowing air to circulate into the bottle as baby feeds, equalizing pressure inside the bottle, and making it easier for baby to drink."

Additionally, Green to Grow goes above and beyond BPA-free status because their bottles are made from PES plastic, which is "a premium grade resin that outperforms other BPA-free plastics because it doesn't leach, and it is incredibly durable, heat resistant, and does not break down with repeated sterilization." Their bottles are also free of phthalates, PVC, lead, and nitrosamines.

If you're wondering what to get expecting parents on your list, the Green to Grow Mellow™ colic-relief Welcome Home Set seen above (also available with regular neck bottles) would make an amazingly helpful and thoughtful gift.

Another reason to choose Green to Grow: they go above and beyond with charitable endeavors...

 "In 2007, Green to Grow founded the Bottles to Babies Initiative, which provides an infrastructure for Green to Grow to realize our mission of giving back. Since that time, Bottles to Babies has helped thousands of low-income families in the United States and this year Green to Grow has donated over $50,000 in BPA-free baby bottles and nipples to families, orphanages, camps, and hospitals in Haiti."

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