January 8, 2011

The Real 'Elaborate Fraud': People Who Are Lemmings

I have always been a free thinker... a rebel. A trait that was always frowned upon in my youth and adolescence by my educators, making me the proverbial black sheep since I was knee high -- and landing my mother in more parent/teacher conferences than she would have liked (although she always had my back).

My way of thinking has spun into a career in my adult life, writing about eco and green living, which is still very much considered an alternative lifestyle, and frightens many because it goes against the status quo.

Most Petite Planet readers know of my passionate stance against the AAP's current vaccination schedule. Our babies are virtual guinea pigs, receiving literal boatloads (given their tiny size) of toxic chemicals and untested medicinal cocktails, in the form of vaccinations. Before I go on, I will give my stance in a nutshell: I DO believe in immunizing your children, I DON'T believe it adhering to the current ludicrous and dangerous schedule of administering so many shots/doses at one time, so close together.

That said, people came out of the woodwork to call and write to me (practically throwing confetti in glee) with regard to the recent news that Wakefield's MMR Vaccine/Autism Link was deemed an 'elaborate fraud.' I weep inside to think that all of these people are so quick to believe whatever the government wants to feed them.

Further, this week, Inhabitots, where I am an editor, published this post:

 'Study Linking Autism to Vaccines is an Elaborate Fraud.'

Along with a vote on what readers believe re: the vaccine/autism link. I am stunned and disheartened to learn that so far, the vast majority of voters have chosen the option: "Wakefield and his research are dead wrong. MMR Vaccinations do not lead to autism."

Here are the comments I left on that post:

"Irregardless of any formal studies, the true litmus test in the vaccine/autism link debate are the children who are affected after receiving the injections. Parents know their children better than the government or researchers in a lab, and when they see the impact a vaccine has on their child, that is evidence enough. Of course, there will always be ‘debate’ surrounding this issue because the drug companies have so much to lose, and they also have the government in their back pocket."

"The world will continue to become a more dangerous place to inhabit if we assume scientific data, which may also a) be rife with human error and b) be paid for to be conclusive a certain way, trumps human instinct. And I never said we should ignore the millions of children who have been vaccinated without any problems. But the ones who HAVE HAD PROBLEMS SHOULD BE GIVEN A VOICE TOO. Wakefield and all of his personal issues, agendas aside."

I do not support Wakefield, or any other doctor or researcher who manufactures false findings, but what I do support are the parents, the individual families and children who have been affected personally and specifically by vaccine injuries. Many I have spoken with on a case by case basis, and their suffering cannot be denied or falsified by any government claim.

Further, if there is no link, than why did the U.S. government award Hannah Poling $1.5 for autism that followed vaccination?

I'm off to go drink a pesticide laden, genetically modified fruit smoothie out of a container made with BPA, because none of that will hurt me either -- the government said so. Oh, and there's no such thing as global warming. Just ask the polar bears.

*Lemmings became the subject of a popular myth that they commit mass suicide when they migrate."

Image © Brian Hoskins


Bridget J said...

You are right on! I believe that the greatest problem facing our children with regards to vaccines is the fact that too many parents are not even doing their research!

Anonymous said...

I believe people don't use common sense anymore. Common sense would tell you that the 36 diseases our children are vaccinated for by 18 months is TOO MUCH. (Yes, if you take each individual disease and separate them out,including flu and flu booster it equals 36.) This is quite different than when we were children(I'm mid 30's).
I don't believe that vaccines alone cause autism but they can be the final straw if a child came from a toxic mother. I wish people would wake up. The masses have the power...if they would just wake up and take it back.
For instance, ever wonder why Wakefield is still being pounded in the news? He wrote that paper more than 10 YEARS AGO. You don't even have to keep your tax records for that long! The media wants you focusing on him instead of the fact they have NO CLUE what actually causes autism. Ever wonder why the CDC could update the media WEEKLY during the swine flu mess of 2009 with how many people were infected yet they cannot produce any new autism statics since early 2000's?
It is a sad world these days.

andrea of ffft said...

Wow, how small is the internet world? I left a comment on that post for Inhabitots on Facebook but I am actually pro Wakefield. You should see some of his interviews. He was against the research being published because he isn't against vaccinations, he is against vaccinations being grouped together... and the study wasn't on vaccinations and their links to autism, it was about the link between bowel disorders and mental illness whereupon he had found during the study what seemed to be a link, and had to report all his findings which is the law. He knew it would be a huge issue, and he was fully aware that there wasn't enough evidence for the autism link to be considered plausible... but still had to report that there may be a link. So he wasn't manufacturing false evidence, he was reporting possibilities. The actual findings of his studies have been found credible, but were not based on autism at all.

Anyhow, I totally agree with researching it yourself as a mother because it has gotten to the point for me where if the government says something, I generally figure the opposite to be true ;)