April 16, 2010

Organic, Eco-Friendly Nightlight Bunny for Green Kids

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By now you probably know about my affinity for clever, eco-friendly nightlights, having read about my cool picks from LED glow lights to Sun Jars, to Glowing Butterflies... but these sweet little bunny nightlights now top my list!

The Ecolumidoux bunny nightlight is photo-luminescent, so when you place him near a light source (either natural or artificial) he charges so he can light up the night sans batteries or outlet power. Designed by French brand Papili, and green through and through, this sweet bunny is also a cuddly toy featuring Fair Trade craftsmanship and an organic cotton tail.

He reminds me of my beloved Glo Worm toy I had growing up (which incidentally my daughter now plays with 30 years later) -- but I like this bunny better because you don't have to squeeze the heck out of him to get him to illuminate!

via Growing Up Green

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